WWGO - November 10, 2013


Today is November 10th. Today is the Birthday of the Marine Corps. Also on this date, in 1970, the Great Wall of China opened up to tourists. It was far more popular than the earlier version “The Pretty Nifty Wall of China.” I’ve never been to the Great Wall, but I have seen Pink Floyd – The Wall a few times, which is pretty much the same thing. And face it. You want me on that wall. YOU NEED ME ON THAT WALL. GATHERING LINKS.


So below, please find today’s links and, as always, consider this an Open Thread.


Here’s How To Help With Relief Effort In Philippines | Twitchy

Today’s Links
#SorryNotSorry | Pocket Full of Liberty

Obamacare Rollout: Administration Needs a Plan B – Now! | HC&MR
(ed.: Plan B? I think we’re up to plan Y right now. I have a plan for you: RETREAT!!)

How Many Are Following the ‘Worst Advice in the History of the World’ | The Blaze

The NHS has reached its crisis point | Daily Mail Online

Jackass of the Week
ESPN Panelist: Why Are We Playing A War Anthem Like “The Star-Spangled Banner” Before Sporting Events? | Hot Air

What In The Tweet Is Going On?


sprezzatura spret-sah-TOOR-uh noun : Effortless grace; nonchalance.
(via Wordsmith.org)

Example: “Caleb’s WWGO posts are the very picture of the art of sprezzatura.”




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