WWGO - November 8, 2013


Today is November 8th. On this date in 1887, Doc Holliday died of tuberculosis at age 36. Holliday was a card player, a carouser, a gunslinger, and a dentist – four jobs that go hand in hand to this day – and inspired the Willie Nelson classic “Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Oral Surgeons.” Below, please find today’s links and, as always, consider this an Open Thread.



Rhetoric vs. Reality | Charles Krauthammer

Today’s Links
David Gregory: Media Would Have Never Let Bush Get Away With Just Apology | RCP

Obama gaffe: Given that I’VE already been burned by a website | Right Scoop

Chris Matthews: I Feel Sorry For Chris Christie’s Wife | Hot Air

LOL: NY Post Zings FDA Over Transfat | Twitchy

Rob Lowe: Why is the president dropping his Gs suddenly? | Twitchy

Who In The World Gave This Guy A License? | via The G-File

What In The Tweet Is Going On?


uxorious uk-SOHR-ee-uhs adjective : Excessively devoted or submissive toward one’s wife.
(via Wordsmith.org)

Example: No example, my wife says I don’t know anyone like this.



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