WWGO - November 5, 2013

Today is the fifth of November, remember, remember. On this date in 1605 the “Gunpowder Plot” was foiled when Guy Fawkes was arrested. The plot was a conspiracy among some British Catholics to blow up Parliament, killing the the Protestant King James I. I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever … err, something something. And speaking of conspiracies, below please find links from around the vast right wing one. As usual, consider this an Open Thread.



Eight Year Old Boy Threatened With Expulsion for Drawing Ninjas With Swords, Knives, and Guns | Ace of Spades

“Cash for Clunkers” A Flop | Lakeshore Laments

ObamaCare price hikes hit ‘red states’ hardest | Fox News

Pentagon Leaning Toward Cutting Troops, Beefing Up Tech | Stars and Stripes

Business owner unsettled about EPA, coal’s future | Register-Herald, Beckley, WV

What In The World Is Going On With Soda Taxes Now? | Townhall

Video: Skydivers’ miraculous escape as planes collide | NBC
(h/t streiff)

What In The Tweet Is Going On?


conterminous kuhn-TUHR-muh-nuhs adjective : 1. Having a common boundary. 2. Confined within one common boundary. 3. Having the same scope, in time, meaning, etc.
(via Wordsmith.org)



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