WWGO - November 2, 2013


Today is November 2nd. Put down the leftover Halloween candy. Step away from the candy. Remember, today is the date on which Dewey failed to defeat Truman in 1948, despite reports from the Chicago Tribune the following day. But don’t give the paper too hard of a time, at least they didn’t go all in on Obamacare and then have to walk that back. Oh, wait. Also, set your clocks back!!!


Below, please find today’s WWGO links. And as always, please consider this an Open Thread.


The Vilification of Orson Scott Card | Dr. Hunter Baker

What In The World Is Going On With The Ocare 800 Number? | Twitchy

Deep Sleep: Obamacare Site Goes Offline For Extended Maintenance | Fox News

Obamacare: A Phalanx Of Lies | Mark Steyn

Photo of the Week | Ed Driscoll

Tax On Soda To Be Floated In San Francisco | SF Gate

Bill de Blasio’s Radical Socialist Ties | Daily Caller

Star Wars Imperial Forces Invade Thomas Kinkade Paintings | AdWeek
(h/t Dan McLaughlin)

What In The Tweet Is Going On?


eristic ih-RISS-tik adjective : characterized by disputatious and often subtle and specious reasoning via Merriam-Webster

Example: Liberals



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