WWGO - November 1, 2013


Today is November 1st, 2013, and this is WWGO. This periodic posting will include a summary of blog posts, news articles, opinion articles, and general information and entertainment, in keeping with the previous column in this space “The Daily Links.” (Notice the word “daily” has been dropped.) Please feel free to post feedback in the comments. Just remember, if you like your WWGO, you can keep your WWGO. Until you can’t.


Consider this an Open Thread.


SEALs Ordered To Remove ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ From Uniforms | Daily Caller

Incredible Moment an Entire Airline Flight Honored a Fallen Soldier | The Blaze

Pro-Obamacare Group Holds “Healthy Hos Party” | Weasel Zippers

‘Mythbusters’ Star Imahara Pestered For Pic With ‘Gun’ During LAX Shooting | Twitchy

“South Park” Takes On Disastrous Obamacare Rollout | Real Clear Politics

President Obama’s Obnoxious Bait-And-Switch | San Diego Union-Tribune

Obamacare: The Continuing Calamity | Pejman Yousefzadeh


vaporware noun : a computer-related product that has been widely advertised but has not and may never become available. via Merriam-Webster

Example: Healthcare.gov



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