"The Real Story" - Bain, Dade, GST, and Stage Stores

The Romney campaign has launched a new microsite, Business.Romney.com. Below are three new videos from the site, featuring stories about his time at Bain, and the legacy of the company’s investments. Randy Johnson, Cindy Hewitt, and David Foster spoke from the floor of the Democratic Convention tonight regarding Bain. The three below videos directly pertain to what they had to say.





“The company was saved.” “Mitt Romney and Bain Capital saved lots and lots of jobs over the years.” From the site: “Governor Romney’s work at Bain Capital was about fixing companies that were broken and giving new companies a shot at success.”

Democrats like to trot out people that are supposedly “victims” of capitalism and tie them to Gov. Romney. The above videos show that the democrat line on Bain is nothing more than another smear, designed to stir up class warfare sentiments and attack capitalism directly. That’s the real story.


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