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“It is very rare I come to an event where I’m like the fifth or sixth most interesting person. Usually the folks want to take a picture with me, sit next to me, talk to me. That has not been the case at this event and I completely understand.” – President Obama, speaking to the crowd at his “NBA heroes” fundraiser on Wednesday.


He once tore the tag off a mattress … using only his hands. And some scissors.
He once went swimming … 28 minutes after eating.
He’s best friends with Chuck Norris … in that picture he drew and hung on the fridge.
He is … the 6th most interesting man in the room. “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, it’s because the police acted stupidly.” Obama. “Stay thirsty, my fr … hey where did you guys go?”

Yes, he really said that. A colleague writes: “I am not always the least cool person in the room, but when I am, it burns my soul with the heat of a thousand suns.” Indeed, being the sixth most interesting person in the room is a heavy burden; one the lightbringer seems ill-equipped to handle. If your idea of complimenting others on their notoriety is to marvel that they’ve displaced you from the throne of glory, you might have an ego problem. But the thing is, Mr. President, I care. That’s how I do. And I want to help. So I have an idea.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, and Moe. Let us now venture into the halls of charity and good will. Let us reach across that vaunted aisle and extend the hand of assistance. Today, you can help. For those familiar with the Most Interesting Man meme, you can use the above text-less graphic and create your own “I don’t always” photoshops and post them in the comments. Or perhaps you would rather just come up with some quotes for a “sixth most interesting man” commercial. Share your thoughts, and your hearts, and help President Obama get in touch with his inner humble spirit. As usual, winners may or may not be chosen, may or may not be announced, and most certainly will not be rewarded in any tangible way. Do it for the children! Unleash your inner therapist!


Remember, keep it clean and within site rules. And have fun.


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