Daily Links - August 15, 2012

Today is August 15th. • On this date in 1057, King Macbeth of Scotland was slain by Malcolm Canmore. Canmore’s father, King Duncan, had been murdered by Macbeth 17 years earlier. What a drama. Someone should write a play or something about those dudes! • Also on this date, in 1947, British rule of India ended, with the subcontinent being divided into the two independent states of India and Pakistan. Reached for comment at the time, a young Joe Biden responded “so which one is 7 and which is 11?” • On this date in 1948, South Korea became a democracy and adopted a constitution, which was promptly readopted by Angelina Jolie and is living in southern California. • And finally, on this date in 1969, Woodstock began. Nearly half a million people showed up, of which almost tens of whom could remember it a week later. And don’t forget, today is National Failures Day! So be sure to send a card or flowers to your favorite Democrat. Consider this an Open Thread.


Attention TIME, et al.: Charity and Taxation are not synonymous | CatholicVote.org
“Time Magazine must operate on the premise that their readers have an IQ roughly equal to that of a dish of warm milk.”

Seismic: Defying Previous Trends, Theater Majors Support Obama | Ace of Spades HQ
“Oh, it’s so bad. When I tell you it’s bad, keep in mind I’m the guy who saw the Nick Cage remake of The Wicker Man and strongly recommended it, and not ironically. I thought it was good. So… when I say something is bad, it’s bad.”

Artur Davis: Biden comment ‘divisive tactic that’s insulting to African Americans’ | Free Beacon
“Former Obama co-chair: ‘It ought to embarrass President Obama’”

Video: Giuliani levels Biden “He really isn’t all that bright” | The Right Scoop
“Oh man this is just full of awesomeness. Giuliani totally levels Biden for his ‘put ya’ll back in chains’ remark yesterday”

Chris Matthews, Who Linked Palin to Giffords Attack, Skips Shooting at Conservative Organization | Newsbusters
“Liberal MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews, who previously linked Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman to the attempted killing of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, completely ignored the shooting of a security guard at the conservative Family Research Council (FRC).”


Open letter to California Gov Jerry Brown: Prove Your Accusation Against Skeptic Climate Scientists by russellc

concatenate (kon-KAT-n-eyt): verb; To link together; unite in a series or chain. adjective; Linked together, as in a chain.
Via Dictionary.com


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