Daily Links: - June 13, 2012

Today is June 13th. On this date in 1922, Charles Osborne got the hiccups. The attack lasted continuously for 68 years, putting him in the Guiness world record book. It is estimated that he hiccuped over 430 million times. It is also estimated that he said the words “yes, I’ve tried that” over 200 million times. Also on this date, in 1983, Pioneer 10 crossed the orbit of Neptune, which at the time was farther from the sun than Pluto (which at the time was a planet), thereby becoming the first space probe to leave the solar system. Its distance from the sun was eventually surpassed by the faster moving Voyager 1, the probe with an affinity for bald women. Today is also the 73rd birthday of Siegfried, of Siegfried and Roy. Traditional celebrations include card tricks, disappearing, and getting a tiger to eat someone. And finally, today is National Kitchen Klutzes of America day, a day that honors people who are useless in a kitchen. Which explains why my wife keeps snickering at me. Consider this an Open Thread.


Video: Occupy Has Its Wealth Redistributed, Not Happy Campers | The Shark Tank
“To further confuse everyone that has followed Occupy’s evolution, one of their organizers was railing against the hotel business for, according to him, ‘stealing’ their money. Apparently, this organizer works for one of the local hotels and is upset that his boss is ‘redistributing’ his wealth.”

Obama’s Racially Divisive Campaign for the Hispanic Vote | The Shark Tank
“Now progressives are intensifying their efforts on Hispanics in a manner that is truly cringe-worthy.”

Time for a Bristol Palin hatefest on Twitter (NSFW Language) | Twitchy
“Bristol Palin’s Lifetime TV reality show starts on June 19. She’s making the rounds doing promotional interviews and ads have started running on the cable channel. The publicity caused a hurricane of hate tweets to trend tonight”

Krauthammer: Reagan Would Be “Very Comfortable” With The Tea Party | RCP
“‘His problem is that he was equating his father with Ronald Reagan,’ Charles Krauthammer said about Jeb Bush criticizing the Republican party. ‘His father was a very good president. History will smile upon him but he was no Reagan. His father was a moderate Republican, a moderate conservative.’”

Flashback: Axelrod called Bush ‘out of touch’ for playing golf in bad economy | Daily Caller
“Video from 1994 has surfaced of David Axelrod, President Obama’s chief campaign strategist, calling former President George H.W. Bush ‘out of touch’ for ‘tastelessly’ playing golf while trying to convince voters that the economy is improving.”


And Then There Were None from Breeanne Howe

laciniate: adjective Bordered with a fringe; especially: cut into deep irregular usually pointed lobes
(via Merriam-Webster.com)


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