No Jobs Shortage For Obama Bundlers

The below video is a report by Jake Tapper regarding the doling out of plum jobs to those who brought in the most money to the Obama campaign. It aired in June of last year, but came up again in the wake of this post by Ed Morrissey at Hot Air. h/t The Right Scoop.


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“About 80% of those who collected more than $500,000 for Obama took ‘key administration posts’ as defined by the White House.”

Tapper points out that candidate Obama promised “a new way of doing business” in Washington. In fact, then-Senator Obama, remarking on the influence of money in politics, said in 2008 that “the time for that kind of politics is over.” Yet President Obama handed out more of these primo posts to donors in just two years than President Bush handed out in four. Says Ed Morrissey, “Obama ran on changing the culture in Washington and specifically against this very practice, and so it’s hardly unfair to point out his hypocrisy.” Change, indeed.



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