Lee Stranahan: “The media has woefully misrepresented the occupy movement.”

“All a journalist has to do is go up and go ‘hi, how are things going?’ and people will tell them the truth. But you don’t see any reports”


The above is an interview of Big Government’s Lee Stranahan by Tony Katz on behalf of The Franklin Center. In the first half of the video, Stranahan discusses the Pigford case, and how he came to work with Andrew Breitbart. In the second half, starting around 1:55, Stranahan blasts the media for their total blackout on coverage of the ugliness, racism, rape, and more at the occupy encampments.

The lack of journalistic integrity in this country still manages to astound me. They’re not just covering for Obama; they literally pass over what would normally be considered “juicy” stories (remember the axiom ‘if it bleeds, it leads’) in order to prevent any harm coming to a leftist protest movement. As Stranahan points out, the flip side is that the same press couldn’t STOP covering the tea party from a negative perspective, posting speculative and alarming reports, both online and on the air, suggesting all manner of evil doings at our events. The starkness of the double standard in this case blows my mind.

Stranahan worked with Citizens United on a new documentary titled Occupy Unmasked, which is coming out this spring. At least there’s somebody willing to report facts.


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