The State of the American Small Business

Today, the House Small Business Committee held a hearing “to examine obstacles to small business job creation and economic growth in America.” The below video highlights some excerpts from that meeting.


“I’ve never been more concerned with our prospects as a company than I am right now.” Last October, Gallup released a poll regarding the most significant challenges facing small businesses in America today. It is from that poll that the statistics in the opening of the video were taken. Listening to the video excerpts above, nothing has changed since October.

Best takeaway quote? “I can tell you exactly how many jobs were created on net by the stimulus, it was zero point zero zero zero. Because if you take a trillion dollars out of the economy, and spend a trillion dollars back into the economy, you haven’t done anything for the economy on net. It’s old-fashioned, out-dated, Keynesian economics, which is a proven failure.”

Consider this an Open Thread.


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