A Quick Correction, Bob Beckel

This clip is from last Friday’s “The Five” on Fox, courtesy of The Right Scoop.


In the above clip, Beckel refers to the notion that wind power is intermittent and requires fossil fuel backup as being “hooey.” Hooey, Bob? Not so much. Even wind power advocates acknowledge that indeed, the power is intermittent, and requires fossil fuel backup. For example, an article titled “Wind Power: A Very Green But Very Intermittent Source Of Power“, states the following (emphasis added):


Elizabeth Kokos: “Unfortunately the wind doesn’t blow 24/7 so. Yeah, we’ve had a solid week out here with no wind.

Vestas technician, Elizabeth Kokos, says the turbines here at Biglow only turn a third of the time. So sometimes the plant can’t produce a single kilowatt during a heat wave or snowstorm — right when demand is peaking.

That means PGE has to back-up its wind farms with a baseload source – like coal, or gas.The other problem with wind is it can’t be stored when winds are high.

A week, Bob. Wind doesn’t blow 24/7. It’s a small correction, but an important point.

The segment above was about the utopian “green jobs” future we keep hearing about. Advocates for this vision like Bob Beckel routinely gloss over key facts and flaws, particularly where energy production is concerned. Just look at the ethanol madness.

So yes, it’s a small correction. But a thousand small corrections are what is needed when one is combating a sea of misinformation. Wind power is an intermittent source, Bob. It’s not hooey. It”s SCIENCE!™


For more on wind power, see here. And don’t forget, wind turbines hate eagles.

Oh one more thing Bob. Wind turbines need lubricants. Lubricants made from oil. Oil, Bob. Oil.


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