The Needle: Lee Stranahan on Pigford, Snooki, and Breitbart

In today’s podcast, Lori and I interview Lee Stranahan. Lee is a filmmaker, a Huffington Post contributor, a twitterer, and a known associate of Tommy Christopher. You should feel free to hold that against him.


We discuss the details of the complex Pigford story which Lee has been investigating both independently and in conjunction with Andrew Breitbart and the Big sites. We have some fascinating revelations in the first half of the show. In the second half, we revert to our usual juvenile, semi-vulgar selves as Stranahan dares plunge into our world famous FOUR QUESTIONS crucible and Lori (contain your shock) talks about Snooki.

The Needle: We’re like the ninjas of being lazy loudmouth bloggers. So not that much like ninjas, really.

The Needle is a podcast featuring Lori Ziganto and Caleb Howe, produced by Eric Morris for You can also listen and chat live with Caleb and Lori, Thursdays at 9pm ET on


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