The Needle 7: Memoirs of a Haunted Motorcade

President Justin G. “Knee Crackin” Harding

Today’s podcast covers everything from cojones to truck nutz, in memoir format. Join Lori and I as we cross a bridge to somewhere, and then go curl up with a nice, cool shower to try and just feel clean again. So grab your Coexist bumper sticker and click to tune in at, or you can listen in below the fold. Which is below.


Also, be sure to join us tomorrow night (Thursday) for our first ever LIVE show! We’ll be broadcasting on at 9PM Eastern. No filters. No edits. No regard for common decency.

Oh, and no pants.

The Needle 7: It doesn’t just stick with you, it sticks to you.

The Needle is a podcast featuring Lori Ziganto and Caleb Howe, produced by Eric Morris. You can also listen and chat live with Caleb and Lori, Thursdays at 9pm ET on


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