DCCC Ad Pulled For Lies About Tim Burns

As first reported by Moe Lane, Sinclair Broadcasting’s Pittsburgh affiliate WPGH-TV has pulled a recent DCCC ad for making false claims about Republican Candidate Tim Burns, according to a statement from the campaign. The ad falsely stated that Burn supports a 23% national sales tax and that he wants to ship jobs overseas.


Burns Campaign Spokesperson Kent Gates notes that Critz has already been called on false claims and “even apologized at one point for these lies. So if he really is sorry, Critz should stop the smears and call on his Washington based backers to do the same.” A call to the station has not been returned at this time, but I’ll update with their comment when it comes.

FactCheck.org lays out the deception here. As Robert Stacy McCain points out, the news of the ad being pulled comes on the same day that Scott Brown is in town stumping for Burns.

So big name in town, big media in town, and the DCCC gets kicked off the air for lying? Dude. I wonder if there was a rainbow, too.

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