Donald J. Trump, GOP Nominee For President of the United States, Is #NotMyVoice

*Editorial Note: This post was prepared before Donald Trump gave his remarks. If Trump went off script, I will respond accordingly.*

The prepared remarks from Donald J. Trump, the Republican Nominee for President of the United States, are decent but lacking. The remarks, which were leaked earlier today reportedly by a republican operative who then sent the embargoed remarks to a pro-Hillary Super PAC called Correct the Record, was typical to Trump’s style in the sense it was largely about him.


A quick word search showed Trump’s speech writers used “I” 64 times, “We” 60 times, “America” a paltry 19 times, and “Freedom” with just one use throughout.

Worse than any of that is that “Constitution” and* “Liberty” didn’t even make the cut. This is particularly disturbing considering the RNC delegation largely booed the idea of voting for someone who would uphold the Constitution.
* Editorial note: My search missed “Constitution” due to the trailing “.” There was 1 mention. One.*

Via Politico

Big business, elite media and major donors are lining up behind the campaign of my opponent because they know she will keep our rigged system in place. They are throwing money at her because they have total control over everything she does. She is their puppet, and they pull the strings.

That is why Hillary Clinton’s message is that things will never change. My message is that things have to change – and they have to change right now. Every day I wake up determined to deliver for the people I have met all across this nation that have been neglected, ignored, and abandoned.

I have visited the laid-off factory workers, and the communities crushed by our horrible and unfair trade deals. These are the forgotten men and women of our country. People who work hard but no longer have a voice.



I dissent.

Donald J. Trump is not my voice. Not now, not ever.

I urge you to make sure he is not your voice either.

The reason why I say this isn’t because you should or shouldn’t vote for him, but rather that ceding your voice to anyone only empowers them and eventually diminishes you.

Be your own voice!

Not only that, but you should also remember that the very people Trump describes in the first sentence I quoted were, until rather recently, him, his family, and nearly his entire circle of friends.

And it certainly doesn’t end there.

Do you believe that the Constitution still matters? If so, then Donald Trump is not speaking for you tonight, he is failing to be your voice.

The very foundation of self governance, limited federal government, government of the people, has been pushed into the realm of an afterthought.

If that isn’t a perfect encapsulation of this entire primary, and a reason why Ted Cruz lost to this orange menace, then nothing is.

While the Constitution didn’t merit one single positive mention in Donald Trump’s prepared remarks for his acceptance speech for the Republican Nomination for President of the United States, Bernie Sanders, a self avowed socialist who has said he wants to end the capitalist system, merited not one, but two favorable mentions from the Republican nominee.


I have joined the political arena so that the powerful can no longer beat up on people that cannot defend themselves. Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it. I have seen firsthand how the system is rigged against our citizens, just like it was rigged against Bernie Sanders – he never had a chance.

While the prepared remarks for Trump are filled with many great things, and a few rather chilling ideas, as is often the case, what is missing from the remarks is far more telling than most of what will be said.

For this, and many other reasons which I have spoken of ad nauseum prior to Trump’s coronation, Donald J. Trump is #NotMyVoice is he yours?


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