Did Trump Lie About Tim Tebow Speaking At The RNC Convention?

Just over 15 hours ago the speaker list for the RNC was released by the Trump campaign to much fanfare. It turns out, the list seems to be living document. Or maybe dying, I can’t really tell.


One of the big names on the list was Tim Tebow. I say was because Tebow has taken to Facebook to dispel this as nothing but a rumor.

Relevant Transcript:

Just got back from the Philippines and I wake up this morning to find out I am speaking at the Republican National Convention. It’s amazing how fast rumors fly, and that’s exactly what it is … a rumor.

I have to say, I think Tim Tebow was being generous by not calling this another bald faced lie by Trump. But that is the type of good guy Tim tebow is.

By the way, I highly suggest you all watch his entire Facebook video post and take to heart his message that God loves all of us and all of our lives matter. It isn’t often these days that we get to see a positive example in the world of the famous, especially one that eschews the spotlight and sticks to his principles.



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