Rick Perry Is (Almost) In

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has a big announcement about “the future of this great country” according to a tweet from Anita Perry, the Governor’s wife.

The link in the tweet goes to an Eventbrite page which invites you to Dallas, TX on June 4 to hear what the Perry’s are thinking and what role their family will play in our country’s future.

Over the last few months Perry has been spending his time criss crossing the early primary states connecting with the grassroots, meeting with key advisors, and shaping up the core of his campaign in waiting. The early polling, which is honestly rather worthless as a gauge for how the primary campaign will look in 10 months, has Perry as an underdog, but I wouldn’t expect that to remain the case for long.

Nearly everyone who has followed Rick Perry’s career, rather than just his 2012 primary run, agrees that he is one of the best, if not the best, retail politician on the GOP side of the aisle. I expect that a primary electorate experiencing Rick Perry running on all cylinders will see the marked difference from 2012 in his ability to communicate his vision for America’s future.

Of course, it helps that Perry is selling a vision that is attractive to voters who have, quite frankly, had all the hope and change they can stand.

Whether it is his strong position on fighting radical Islam, the economic principles that have been largely responsible for the Texas economic performance, his 14 year run as Governor of Texas, or his clarity on the need for real criminal justice reform, the Rick Perry of 2015 is focused, prepared, and ready to lead.

Primary voters will have to decide for themselves whether or not Rick Perry deserves a second look after his performance in 2012. My suspicion, backed by multiple news reports from campaign stops praising Perry in recent weeks, is that people will like what they see.