White House Unaware of Obamacare

Obamacare is a tax. This really isn’t something that should be in dispute. When the Supreme Court ruled on the Affordable Care Act and called it a tax, President Obama and his followers triumphantly said, “It’s the law.” When you Google “Obamacare is a…” the first response isn’t “success,” but rather “tax.”


Now, with tax filing season upon us and a projected 4-6 million households set to be hit with the Obamacare penalty tax, the White House is completely unaware of this tax and the millions affected by it.

Let’s go to the video:

First allow me to answer the question that Josh refused to answer. The President isn’t concerned at all about the 6 million households affected by the individual mandate tax, which is the heart and soul of his one crowning achievement outside of winning an election.

Second, this isn’t shocking at all. The has been the most unaware administration in my lifetime. President Obama walks around in a bubble of absolute cluelessness in order to avoid any and all responsibility. This behavior extends to his entire administration.

It isn’t real, mind you, it is a simple ruse meant to keep people thinking that Obama, or insert central casting prog/commie, is an underdog fighting the man and, more importantly, the system! The system is, of course, controlled by white, christian, men.

At any rate … Thanks Obamacare!


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