Chris Christie Works To Lose Pro-Life Goodwill Gained In Iowa

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gained favor from conservatives and received praise from pro-life activists at the Iowa Freedom Summit just over a week ago. When Christie said, “Being pro-life isn’t a political liability”, I cheered. Erick Erickson noted that Christie gets points just for showing up, but he also stated that he was personally impressed with what Christie had said to a potentially hostile crowd. While I can’t speak for Erick, Christie has now lost any goodwill he had earned in Iowa with me.


No, this isn’t about vaccinations, this is about Christie courting the pro-life movement while also portraying pro-life advocates as liberal caricatures of a pro-life advocate.

While on a trip to the UK this week Christie decided it was time to activate his inner Huntsman and insult the base of the party whose nomination he hopes to win. While discussing the need to treat drug addiction more as a disease than a crime, a position which I find myself in some agreement with, Gov. Christie blamed his pro-life allies for lacking compassion for the born.

Via Reuters:

Christie said addiction should be treated like a disease, and said those in his party who were opposed to abortion on the principle that life is sacred, should be more sympathetic to those who had made mistakes.

“When I talk to folks in my party, being pro-life, I say it’s easy to be pro-life when they’re in the womb, they haven’t done anything wrong yet, you know, they haven’t made any bad judgements,” he said during a visit to a drug treatment centre in south London as part of a trip to Britain.

“Tell me that you’re pro-life with a kid who’s lying on the floor of a jail cell basement, addicted to drugs.”

As I said above, I find some agreement with Christie on the policy prescription and understand why he would want to talk about his compassionate stance with regards to the Drug War.

What I find unsettling is his gratuitous shot at his pro-life allies framed in the exact language the left uses every day. “Conservatives only care about lives in the womb, after that … you are on your own. Vote Democrat!” This is something that is seen on bumper stickers, Facebook posts, daily tweets, and the archived of banned posts on RedState.


And yet this is the same rhetoric being used by Governor Christie, who just days ago was telling the rubes in Iowa that “being pro-life isn’t a political liability.” Pro-life advocates should note the duplicitous nature of Governor Christie’s pro-life support and not whore themselves out to a man who will whisper sweet nothings in their ears, while mocking you when around all of his more liberal friends.

It is easy to be pro-life in Iowa, Governor Christie, tell me you are pro-life when you are around a bunch of liberals and it might cost you something.


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