Deviancy is the New Decency & It Isn't Just Kardashian's Ass

The last thing I ever wanted to do in my professional career is talk about Kim Kardashian. Actually, let me correct that … the very last thing I ever wanted to do in my life is talk about Kim Kardashian’s bare naked ass. Yet here I am. This week the world was exposed to the oiled up rear end of a Reality TV star whose celebrity roots can be traced back to a sex tape in which Kim Kardashian, owner of the aforementioned greased gluteus, was literally pissed upon. And though I have resisted the urge to engage in this subject, in the end I felt compelled that I must.


We live in an period of time that has rejected the standards of our predecessors, not only the founders of our nation, their prude social mores and concepts of liberty and order, but also the wisdom passed down through time by the Jewish and Christian faiths. Instead our time has seen the elevation of the most base desires of the flesh as the ultimate freedom and equality.

With that in mind it really isn’t a huge shock to see the equine-esque images of a shameless “celebrity” baring the one guaranteed paycheck she has. Pornography of this sort has been present in this world since the fall of man, and nothing I write today is going to change that fact.

Our society once had the good sense to ensure this type of behavior was relegated to the shadows, only appearing in the margins and quickly being shamed by society when made public. But as I said above, today we elevate these acts and even champion the perverts who commit them.

Just recently we were given the example of Lena Dunham. This is another celebrity who has made her career serving the base desires of man, and …. Surprise! She molested her little sister. To be clear, Lena Dunham claimed to molest her little sister in her own book. To the average person, this is beyond disgusting. For Dunham and her acolytes? This was Heroic. Not the molestation, mind you, but the fact that she proudly wrote about it. It used to be that the victim was made the hero by telling her story, in our new age it is the child molester who is hoisted upon the shoulders of the adoring crowds while Angels weep.


Another example is Jennifer Lawrence. While Lawrence didn’t share nude pictures of herself, and instead had a private photo she sent to her boyfriend leaked, there was still an element of her story that once again shows how we have elevated that which we once would have condemned. In Lawrence’s case, when asked about the photo in an interview, she noted that she took the photo because she felt that was what she needed to do to be a good girlfriend to her man. It was almost as if she felt that if she didn’t give him naked photos, he would surely cheat.

Ladies, if your man ever makes you feel like you need to share naked pictures of yourself or he will cheat, you need to leave him immediately because he probably already has. But this isn’t a dating advice column, I digress.

The point is, we have made deviancy the new decency.

Some of the blame for this cultural rot, and the elevation of of our base desires over our basic goodness, can, in an ironic twist, be laid at the feet of the very movement meant to empower women in our society. That’s right, our friends in the feminist movement, combined with the forces of the sexual revolution, have managed to create a world the Patriarchy could once only masturbate to in the shadows.

In this brave new world deviancy has usurped decency not just in the realm of our sex and entertainment. As one would expect is has creeped throughout all the facets of our culture and what was once considered decent is now considered deviant and the feminists didn’t get us here on their own.


I believe the majority of the blame for this upending of the social contract has more to do with the fact that as a nation we have adopted a state church. It isn’t the church we were all told to fear, but rather a church of secularism.

Our secular priests tell us what we are to accept and what we are to reject. What is decent and what is deviant. The nuns of this church rule with an iron fist and make you wish for a nice nun who’d simply strike your bloodied knuckles repeatedly with a ruler.

Take, for example, a cake baker. If this cake baker refused to bake a cake for a homosexual couple, the church of secularism would first publicly shame the cake maker while holding up the homosexual couple as the very definition of what a modern American family should look like. After the public shaming, the church of secularism then moves in to make sure that this is a one time offense by ensuring the legal penalty put the cake baker out of business.

The decent cake baker, making a choice to serve his God rather than man, is cast by society as the deviant. The comfort which society refuses to give him he can, for the time being, find in the Bible. “For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.” – Galatians 1:10

Yet even the good man’s refuge is under assault from the church of secularism.

A young man in Colorado is now involved in a fight for his religious liberty. His violation of the secularists church was a simple Bible study during a free period at school. While this Bible study was not led by the school, or any public employee, it was shut down all of the sudden after three years. The justification for shutting it down? The wall of separation between church and state.


What was once used as a safeguard to ensure no state church was created, is now used as the justification to shut down an opinion, no, a faith, that dissents from our national church, the church of secularism.

You will be made to care, whether it is pornography in the public square, the normalization and forced acceptance of homosexual marriages, the elevation of a child molester as a hero, or the encroachment upon your right to have and live your faith.

You will be made to care because deviancy is the new decency and the church of secularism is waiting to judge us all. As is God.


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