RedState Weekly Briefing: On The Utility of the NRSC - #RSG14 #RSWB


Welcome again to the RedState Weekly Breifing. This week we had to do something a little different because of the 2014 RedState Gathering, which Caleb and I will probably discuss more in this weekends’s edition.


We did a live mini-version of the RedState Weekly Briefing on stage at the Worthington Hotel in Ft. Worth, Texas in front of a live audience of conservative activists, and one Charlie Crist supporter.

Our own Editor in Chief, Erick Erickson, joined Caleb and I in a discussion about the utility of the NRSC to conservatives given the nature of how it has operated with increasing hostility to conservative candidates and organizations over the last few election cycles.

Near the end we take a small Q&A session with the audience.

Enjoy the show!



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