On NPR and Juan Williams.

In case you haven’t heard yet, Juan Williams was fired by the taxpayer subsidized NPR (National Public Radio). He was fired for saying that he too has anxiety when he sees people in Muslim garb on a plane with him. He was fired for telling the truth, as Erick Erickson noted in the linked post.


Juan’s anxiety is a completely normal human response to a traumatic event perpetrated by people citing their Muslim faith as reason and justification for the same. Juan was speaking from his own experience, with empathy for others who have also suffered losses due to Islamic Terrorism.

Despite these natural human inclinations, Juan went on to explain that we shouldn’t lump everyone together. To a degree I think Juan is correct. We shouldn’t let stereotypes cloud our judgments, nor should we allow a PC culture to do the same.

Even with these qualifications on his overall statements, NPR decided to fire him. He simply wasn’t toeing the line for the NPR mission. This is a good point that I will briefly address after the full O’Reilly segment.


“Political Correctness can lead to some kind of paralysis where you don’t address reality”


Juan nailed it right out of the gate. Although, I doubt he knew he was signing his own pink slip with this statement.

You see, NPR’s mission is in direct opposition to “address[ing] reality”. NPR’s mission is to distort reality and make lie truth. NPR is nothing but a taxpayer subsidized propaganda machine for the bureaucracy.

When we take back the House, NPR’s funding should be first in line for getting the proverbial axe.

Video via The Right Scoop h/t iOwntheworld.

Aaron B. Gardner


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