Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D) Embraces the Race Card


That was like a double whammy race card.

“Vote for me because I am Hispanic and I support immigration. P.S. My opponent is from Vietnam and he’s coming to take our jobs.”


Her opponent? Van Tran. As luck would have it, Tran is trying to reach a fundraising goal of $8k by Sept 30th. [hint hint]

For more information on this race check out Neil’s posts.

I must give Rep. Sanchez credit though, I don’t think anyone has actually placed the race card in the sharks mouth prior to jumping it. Well done.

Aaron B. Gardner

UPDATE (Dan McLaughlin): According to TPM, Sanchez’s rep tries to make it all better by saying that she doesn’t hate all Vietnamese people, just the ones supporting Van Tran:

Sanchez’s campaign said that she “was referencing those in the Vietnamese community who are supporting her opponent.”


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