Len Britton Out With First Ad

Just released this morning, although I saw it last night on Len’s Facebook, is this new campaign spot for Len Britton. Len, as you should know from Moe’s post, is challenging Patrick Leahy as the presumptive GOP Candidate for US Senate here in Vermont.


Len Britton is a good guy and I will be supporting him this fall in his run to defeat Patrick Leahy – this would make a seventh term for Leahy.

The video is below, as introduced on Len’s Facebook page…

United States Senate candidate Len Britton kicks off his campaign ad season with the witty and entertaining short video “Get A Paper Route, Billy.” Filmed in rural Vermont, the minute and thirty second spot highlights the national debt crisis with down home Yankee humor.

If we work hard, it’s possible Leahy can take that paper route instead … Let’s Roll!

Aaron B. Gardner


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