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I just watched the video of the May 9th ABC 7 News GOP Primary debate and I must say, Chuck DeVore was excellent.

Chuck DeVore rose above his opponents in both knowledge possessed and delivery of that understanding to the California Republican primary voters. His detractors should take notice – this primary ain’t over yet.


Here are the highlights of the debate showing why I too am staying with Chuck DeVore.

Chuck DeVore is who we need in D.C., he would be an excellent ally to Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Jim DeMint. He has led the field in substantive conservative positions on issue after issue.

The people will respond to Chuck DeVore’s consistent conservative message and vote for him if he can get the name recognition he deserves. This debate win is just one more milestone in the process.

Those who thought a coronation was in order, and those who believed it completed with the endorsement by Gov. Palin, better look again.

This primary ain’t over yet.

Aaron B. Gardner

If you liked what you saw and heard, make sure to pitch in what you can to win the primary for Chuck DeVore.

P.S. If you have another 16 minutes to burn, below are Parts 1&2 of the full debate.


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