Kill the Bill! Congress - Keep Your Hands Off My Body!

KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY BODY!  It has long been a slogan of the pro-choice movement.  Well, we have a new pro-choice movement.  The freedom to make our own health care choices and decisions.  As congress moves toward passing legislation that will bring the federal government into every aspect of our health care, should this not be a battle cry for those of us rallying to stop this bill?

The need to control the cost of health care is pretty much accepted by all.  However, more government is not the answer.  Medicaid and Medicare are not exactly success stories.  When Medicare was enacted in 1966 it cost $3 billion.  It was projected to cost $12 billion in 1990 – 1990 true cost? $107billion.  Medicare’s 2008 outlay?  $599 billion.  That’s a 20,000% increase in 42 years.  So those CBO projections the Democrats are crowing about…let’s just say they’re not too reliable.

The dirty truth is to control costs this bill intends to ration care.  When you hear “best practices” read rationed care.  Is every person the same?  Does every drug work the same for every person?  Does every therapy work the same for every person?  The answer to every question is no.  What the government will seek the do however, it to find a one size fits all solution to every health care issue.  What if you or your loved one don’t respond?  Tough luck.  Those who deny this will happen are either willing accomplices or just don’t want to face the facts.  Look to England and Canada to fact the future.  I have posted some links below – courtesy of Mark Levin’s website  www.marklevinshow.com  – where you can read stories from local newspapers about the horrors of socialized medicine.

Some of you may have heard about Ezekiel Emmanuel, Rahm’s brother and his Complete Lives System.  If you haven’t, look into it.  It rations care based upon how long you have lived and what you can contribute to society.

Any way this bill is parsed it takes health care choices and decision making away from the patient and doctor.  It must be stopped.

This health care bill is anything but pro-choice.  Call your congressman and tell him or her to: