Your Move, Mitt: No Obama Apology For Bain Comments.

The Romney campaign demanded an apology from Obama concerning Stephanie Cutter’s comments that Romney was a felon

“He’s not going to get an apology,” Cutter said Sunday of CBS’ “Face the Nation.

So that’s the way this campaign’s gonna be: another 4 months of lies, deception, and misinformation Chicago-style (not that we expected anything else for Obama and Co.). And I won’t even hit on the hypocrisy of this attack considering Obama’s dismal record, especially from a guy with no private sector experience whatsoever

So what’s your plan, Mitt? Playing defense and taking the high ground don’t win wars from either a military or political standpoint. You were pretty willing to trash your fellow GOPers in the primary, but you handle Obama with kid gloves. I’d be less concerned, but the re-election of Obama means this country is toast. You wanted the nomination so badly, so prove that you’re man enough for the job. My country is at stake.