Romney or Ron Paul: Pick Your Poison, ABRs

Let me start off with the disclaimer that I am not a Paulite (not a synonym for libertarian) or a Romney supporter (meaning that I am not enthused about Romney). But the blight known as Ron Paul is a cancer on the Republican Party.

Ordinarily we laugh at Ron Paul and his fanatical followers as a bunch of loons on par with cooked vegetables and Obama supporters; however, his supporters are a part of the Republican Party, and Paul is continuing in the GOP nomination race. His followers are playing the caucuses to get a higher proportion of delegates than Paul receives via popular vote: in Minnesota, for example, he has 20 of 37 delegates that are going to Tampa, according to the American Spectator. Romney’s campaign is reportedly afraid of the sleeper delegates that are Paulites at heart.

I realize that the ABRs are not enthused about Romney, but the alternatives (Paul or Obama) are much worse. Please support Romney for president and conservatives at a local level, or face the prospects of a Marxist tyrant or an Antisemitic neoliberal nutjob in the White House.