The ABR Candidate Lost? Support Your Local Conservative Candidate for Congress!

To fellow (ex)ABR supporters:

Yeah, the ABR Candidate (Pawlenty/Perry/Bachmann/Cain/Newt/Santorum) lost. The voters (in their ‘wisdom’) selected Romney for the GOP nominee.


Whining for things that are not does not help rid this country of the blight that is Obama and his cronies. I intend to vote for Romney, but I will now focus on getting conservative candidates into the US House and Senate so we can drag Romney to the right and save our country from the likes of the Democrats and the spineless GOP leadership (namely McConnell and Boehner). Grousing that our favorite ABR candidate does no good to anyone. Donate money, put up a yard sign, man a polling station. Do something to elect more conservatives in your backyard.