Something We All Can Agree On

Let’s face it, there is no shining white knight of conservatism in this presidential race. Besides the Obama administration, we have a third enemy: the GOP establishment (namely, Boehner and McConnell). Both have proven that they are more interested in preserving their own power and status by taking the safe and easy route instead of pursuing bold solutions. However, they are so short-sighted that they cannot (or refuse) to see that America will implode if the train remains on it current course.

That is where We the People step in. There is no Reagan to save us; we are the reinforcements! There are several practical objectives in this:

1. Vote for the GOP nominee whoever he may be, even (gulp) Ron Paul. Stop this ‘I won’t vote for (blank) if he gets the nomination’ nonsense. Everyone in this field is better than Obama.

2. View the extended primary as a gift: we’re toughening our nominee for the general election, and the Obama machine can’t focus on just one target (via Alinsky) until then. If it does become a brokered convention, well…FDR was elected in his, and he won.

3. Elect/support conservatives in local/state elections. If you aren’t a precinct committee member, donate financially. Pass out buttons and road signs. Talk with your friends in person or over social media. Everyone can do something. Idaho has had recent success with precinct committeeman project: the has recently chronicled how conservatives are driving the out of the state House by means of a precinct committeeman project (cue ColdWarrior). They even said Simpson and Labrador will have to give the proof for their seats.

The GOP nominee who gets elected will need a conservative Congress to his excesses, and we need legislative leaders, not lackeys. Join or Die!