Why I Think That Rick Perry Can Win: Results Over Rhetoric

Apoll conducted about three weeks ago put Rick Perry over Obama 46% to 42% in Wisconsin while Obama beats every other candidate by at least 4 points. The sample size was only 500 (I’d really love more current numbers with a larger sample size), but this got me wondering: Why does Wisconsin, a moderate blue state at best (Obama carried it 56% to 44% over McCain), choose a Southern governor (with all the stereotypical baggage) over all other candidates (even Romney, who polls neck-to-neck with Obama nationally)?

Could it be because the eyes of the populace have been opened through the union-busting actions of Scott Walker, that just because someone talks a good game doesn’t mean they will be a good leader, that they are tired of the cheap one-liners?

I don’t precisely know, but I will continue my support for Perry, who has produced results and not rhetoric.