Dear Liberals and MSM

I came into this election Howard Bealesque because your “god” has royally screwed up this country, and his sycophants (read: you all) try to convince the rest of us that everything is peachy.  Your treatment of Herman Cain has made me extremely mad.  I do not condone his actions (true or not), but I detest and despise the fact that you take great joy in tearing down every conservative candidate while refusing to properly vet your own.

Unlike the Occupy Wall Street protesters, I will not riot, defecate in the streets, or vandalize public property, which given your coverage you condone.  I ensure by every legal, law-abiding, and moral means at my disposal to ensure that your “god” is defeated in 2012 and he takes as many Democrats as he can with him.

In short:


Have A Nice Day.