Man Assaulted At Public Forum For (Gasp) Filming a Candidate's Speech

Yet more violence from those racist Tea Partiers peace-loving, tolerant Democrats and their constituents.

The video documents the incident, but I will sum it up.

1) The event occurs at a PUBLIC FORUM. The moderator asks that all filming cease. The cameraman continues to film.

2) Someone tells the cameraman to stop filming. When refused on the grounds that he is exercising 1st Amendment rights at a public forum, the person (usher?) says “There’s gonna be a mess.”

3) Someone sits on the cameraman’s left and asks him to quit. Upon explaining again that he is exercising his 1st Amendment rights at a public forum, the camera is knocked down. The scuffle continues; the cameraman tells Charles McC??? that he will have to get the police to remove him and his camera off the premises. Charles looks behind the cameraman, and appears nervous. The camera is pulled away from the cameraman, exposing a man on the cameraman’s right, who punches the cameraman with the camera twice.

4) The incident is shown from another angle. Note the reactions by some in the audience (or rather, lack of: some turn their heads, but no one takes any action. (the clip is cut short as well).

Now, the argument made by Charles McC??? for banning the filming cameras is that this is private property (namely theirs). That argument should not be valid because this PUBLIC FORUM (as advertised by the hosts and the local TV station KOIN6 in Portland, OR) and wasfilmed live and streamed by that same station.

Charles McC???’s badge reads that he is a member of the African American Alliance [for Houseownership], which is a subsidiary for Mission of Peace , a housing counseling non-profit corporation affliliated with PMI Group, Inc. All three groups look legitimate (i.e, not ACORN, but serve some similar functions). Of course, one has to answer the question, why were they afraid of the camera?

No justification exists for this assault. The cameraman was a private citizen filming a public candidate at a public forum (which was being filmed by a local TV station). Charles McC??? knew he was doing wrong: he looked over and behind the cameraman to 1) see if anyone was watching the scuffle, and/or 2) making sure his compatriot was in place. This act was clearly premediated, but where’s the media outrage?