Lessons in Foreign Policy: Obama Climate Summit Edition

Obama, seeing support for his healthcare plan plummet is off basking in the international glow of fellow leftists attending theUN summit on climate change.

So far the Deity Incarnate’s his reception has been poor: not only was his challenge to the UN concerning global warming “overshadowed” by President Hu of China, but President Sarkozy made a cutting remark towards Obama’s verbosity by promising

not to “inflict” a “grandiose speech” on delegates when “concrete proposals” were needed,

proving that Americans aren’t the only ones tired of the oratory of the self-anointed GROFAZ president. The UK Guardian further labels him as Obama the Impotent and not only compares Obama to Bush, but rants against an American minority of

small-town whites in pickup trucks with gun racks

that impede the glorious and righteous cause of climate reform.

Sticking strictly with Obama, the man “wanted by most of the world” and greeted by cheering international throngs during his presidential campaign is suddenly on par with Bush. And yet even this comparison is false, as Bush was respected, if disliked abroad.

Machiavelli said that being feared is preferable to being loved if you can’t have it both ways, but he also said that is it more secure to be feared. As the domestic political thug is an international babe in the woods, Obama has not secured respect for the US, but rather, as Shakespeare once wrote, “cooled her friends, and heated her enemies.”