Chip Shanlon's Interview with Rep. Shadegg

Why can’t we have this guy speak?

A quick summary:

1. A pile of dung that smells like roses is still a pile of dung.
2. Obama senses the economy, not healthcare, is the concern of Americans, hence the references to deficit reduction. But good luck trying to accomplish all the savings with 53 new bureaucracies.
3. Obama tried to slop the R’s (Grassley, Hatch, McCain) for support, but predicts McCain won’t bite.
4. Predicts US citizens will not fall for speech.
5. No Republican in committee has voted for the health bill.
6. Obama is a liar (not an exact quote, but the underlying premise).
7. Obama is out of touch with US citizens’ concerns.
8. Obama will never compromise with R’s.

I recommend listening to the interview; Shadegg has obviously read the bill and can explain it well.