"You Have Every Right to Fire Me"...And the Huzzahs Ensue

I frankly have not developed a high opinion of Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) due to second-hand stories I’ve heard about her over the years from her time as Jackson County Prosecutor to the time she sicced the DA onto a member of the Missouri Democrats who dared labeled her ‘unfit for state auditor, much less Senator’ during her 2006 Senate campaign. Correspondence last year over the Global Climate Change Act of 2008, and a few other bills merely served to validate my impressions that I had received from the stories.

Imagine, then, my surprise when I found this gem of a news item on the account of her town hall near Jefferson City, MO

She just realized, unlike certain politicians, who actually runs this country, and she should be worried, considering the thin margin she received 3 years ago. Granted, 2012 is a while away, but I’m looking forward to it.