Senator McCain: You are NOT John Wayne

(Inspired by mbecker908 post)

Why do I bring up a classic American icon?

Because both of you like to

wade (sic) into the…debate

at the opportune moment.

But that where is the comparison ends. You see, John Wayne burst into the room where the villains were hiding with six-guns blazing; no one left except feet first. He didn’t make them sit down in a conference room and work out a deal where the bandits/criminals/outlaws could rob the bank and harass the citizens on Tuesdays from noon to five only.

That, *sir*, is precisely what you do every time you make a “compromise” with the Socialist Democratic Party just so you can get some face time with the state-run media. How can you survive the “Hanoi Hilton”, and then sell out the people of this country to those who imitate those camps if they could?

“We the People” do not want this reform; in fact, we’re happy with what what we’ve got. And frankly, I’m angry and insulted at the patronizing attitude that you and every other politician has acquired over the years towards your constituents.

You ran on a “Country First” campaign, but you seem to forgotten about it in less than a year.
I’ll have the Duke explain to refresh your memory: