MO-5 District Report

Missouri District 5 includes the Missouri-half of Kansas City, and smaller towns such as Lee’s Summit, Belton, and Raytown.

Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver (D-MO), a United Methodist minister, was re-elected for his second term. Jacob Turk (R), a Mechanical Engineering major, has run for office twice (2006,2008), and lost by roughly the same percentage of votes each time (2006: 32 to 64, 2008: 34 to 64), mostly due to the influence of Kansas City on the vote tally (30,582 to 115,299). Turk’s trying to hit the ‘career politician’ theme, but I really don’t see any Republican takeover unless a major penetration is made into Kansas City. The last time a Republican held office in this district was 1948.

My state representative from the 51st district is Ray Silva (D). He ran unopposed this year (as he has for as long as I remember) as did Victor Callahan (D) for the State Senate. I know very little about either person.

The good news from Missouri? The GOP picked up 3 state senate seats and maintained a majority in the house, according to the party chair, Doug Russell.

I think also that we may have a replacement in Sarah Steelman for Kit Bond in 2010, but she’ll probably have a fight with the old guard, as she faced them in the GOP and narrowly lost the GOP candidate bid for governor this year (~1%); note that Kit Bond and Gov. Blunt opposed her. She is like Palin in the fact she is a reformer of the state, and she has caught flak for her reform activities related to “Show Me Ethanol”, (a MO-based company that acquieced to the demands for ethanol in the gasoline with ties to relatives of Matt Blunt), and a sexual harassment settlement check involving Matt Blunt’s administration. she apparently has ‘tie to the trial bar’, but I will have to do more research on that.

Lots of work to be done here, but I think that we have a good candidate for US Senate, should she run.