Attn: Senator McCain (For the Final Debate)

Senator McCain:

I thank you for unleashing Sarah Palin and going after your opponent’s dubious connections (ACORN, Ayers, Raines, etc.). These attacks, however, are not enough. The swing voters and others are focusing on their pockets and the declining value of their investments. They are bombarded constantly with doom and gloom from the mainstream media, who also sing the praises of your opponent, Senator Obama. This debate is the one final, unfiltered chance you can present your ideas and yourself to the American people on the major networks.

I humbly suggest that you include the following points into the debate:

  1. Promise that your first action as president (Jan. 20) will be to appoint a special prosecutor who is an expert in these types of cases to investigate this financial mess, find and punish the guilty (no matter who they are or what position they hold) to the fullest extent of the law, and ensure that this situation will not happen again.

  2. Name those congressional delegates (including Senator Obama) who said that no regulation was necessary for the GSEs, while taking money from the very organizations they were supposed to police and funding leftist groups such as ACORN. I know that you are a gentleman and that it pains you to humble your opponents – some of whom you have worked beside for many years – but the American people demand justice for this disaster, and deserve to know exactly who is responsible.

  3. Emphasize repeatedly the connection between energy security and job creation. If Senator Obama starts with a line about ‘alternative energy research and jobs’, ask him to specify the sources of funding for research and how long before we have these new technologies. Press him on this subject. Make it perfectly clear to the American people that new technology does not magically appear in six months – or even in one year, and that research requires money (in this case, revenue generated from present sources of power, i.e. off-shore oil drilling, coal mining, shale oil). If these facilities are constructed, more jobs will be created, revenue on federal and state level will be generated, and research money for alternative energies will be available.

  4. The construction of structures such as oil platforms, refineries and nuclear power plants is often inhibited/stalled by environmental zealots who care more about the whales than the quality of life for Americans while not practicing what they preach. Call for expediency in the federal approval of their permits. Call out Al Gore and his wasteful mansions in TN; also Senators Obama and Biden for their conflicting stances on nuclear, clean coal, and oil drilling.

Please pass this on to your GOP colleagues, as points 2-4 can apply to their campaigns as well.

I thank you for your time and I look forward with anticipation to Wednesday evening.