Nine Blind Mice

The Supreme Court does not hear all cases that are brought to their attention. Take these latest two cases.

The first case involved the Natural Resources Defense Council’s attempt to block the Navy’s use of sonar in their antisubmarine warfare exercises on the coast of S. California, citing the deleterious effects on whales (evidently someone’s watched Star Trek IV too many times).

Another caseinvolved David Parker’s objections to the indoctrination of his elementary-age children (in Lexington, MA) in homosexuality without parental consent or the right to exempt his children. This case the Supreme Court has denied. David Parker found out about his rejection by NPR radio; “The [Supreme] court did not even bother to notify the Parkers or their attorneys”, according to Mass Resistance, a pro-family group.

Now let me get this straight. SCOTUS doesn’t want to hear a case that now legitimizes the ‘it takes a village’ principle, but it hears a case brought concerned with ‘saving the whales’. It is now legal for the state to brainwash children irrespective of their parent’s wishes. According to the reasoning of SCOTUS, the teacher in Kansas City who was suspended for his ‘Obama youth brigade’ video can now walk free.

Professor Lisa Heinzerling of Georgetown said that there are “just not justices on the court for the most part who are out to save the whales.”Well, they care more about the whales than our children.