Can't See the Transparency Through The Fog

The New York Times today has basically pooh-poohed the GOP for ‘complaining’ over a couple million dollars from foreign donors. They ignore the fact the recent Newsmax report that gives examples of foreigners giving donations and the Obama campaign promising to refund their money at a future date (after ‘repeated FEC warnings’, compliance claims by the Obama campaign, and the inability to tell if the refunds have occurred). The New York Times is the epitome of honesty, of course, as shown by the cut rate it gave Moveon.org a year ago.

The Obama campaign has whined in a injurious tone (via Bill Burton):

“We constantly review our donors for any issues and while no organization is completely protected from Internet fraud, we will continue to review our fund-raising procedures to ensure that we are taking every available step to root out improper contributions.”


the Obama campaign only recently began requiring donors from overseas to provide a valid United States passport number when making a contribution. Previously, it had simply required donors to check a box certifying they were U.S. citizens.

Warner Todd Hudson has debunked this with a small test that proves Obama’s website does not have those necessary safeguards.

Why doesn’t the FEC do something about this? They clearly know about the donations; they have it on file and even CBS has caught the story. Do they simply not care, are they in the tank with Obama, or would the full truth simply cause another revolution?

If Obama is elected, this will be swept under the rug. Even if he is not, will the people responsible be held accountable?

Thoughts please.