60 Years Ago and On the Other Side of the Aisle

Obama’s in the lead, McCain looks like a fool, and the entire party has taken a hit in the eyes of the American People.

Get over it.

If we succumb to the attitude that we’ve lost, then we will lose. The election is on November 4th. That’s 35 days from now. A lot can still happen. We cannot control what the Democrats do, but we can control how we respond.

Several people here and elsewhere have good suggestions. The Left is desperate, otherwise they wouldn’t pull crud like forming truth squads. Despite the fact the media is gunning for Obama (and the voters know it), we are only 5 points behind. That is incredible.

My advice to McCain’s campaign: It’s not about you, Senator. You took a risky stance (for which I admire you), but you blew it. You might use this episode later to distinguish yourself from that charlatan on the other side, but unleash your pitbull for now, because she is the only hope you have of winning this election. She is the physical incarnation of everything that the Left hates (and hence hate about America), and she’s tough. Let them attack her, and watch the electorate rally to your side.

The media will never be your friend, so quit treating them with kid gloves; get your side out, and be aggressive about it. Attack the “Do Nothing” Congress for all it’s worth. Do this and more, and it might be you holding the Chicago Daily Tribune and smiling on November 5.