A Pause in the Jubilation: Is Inhofe In Trouble?

Andrew Rice has halved the 20-point lead that Senator Inhofe possessed a month ago. Not only that, but Inhofe’s approval and disapproval ratings are basically the same (46% to 47%); the only plus is that Rice lacks name recognition (52% in the last poll). Republicans don’t seem to think he is much of a threat despite the fact that former HRC staffers have joined his campaign, Rice is well-funded, and the DSCC could bankroll in an attempt to pick up a cheap seat. Stephen Wallace is running as Independent, but I could find no information on him.

I’ve been to Rice’s website and he’s basically Obama minus the ego; the only difference being Rice says he supports 2nd Amendment rights – just discount the fact that his campaign manager worked for George Soros – in a typical Democrat slop to the conservative voters.

My predictions? I really don’t know. I’d hate to lose Inhofe, especially since he helped crush the Global Security Act and is considered the Senate expert on environmental issues. We’ll just have to wait and see.