'Accountable America' Held To Its Own Standard?

Judical Watch is asking the Dept. Of Justice to look into the Accountable America’s ‘warning’ posted to conservative donors if they give money to PACs (Note that Judicial Watch and AA theoretically are supposed to serve the same purpose). Apparently 42 U.S.C. § 1985(3) makes Acc. Amer.’s letters and threats illegal (irony is that this code is under federal civil rights, something that the left claims to champion), and nevermind that the Acc. Amer. has connections to Moveon.org (despite the non-partisan claim.

About time someone hit the left hard. I believe that ‘if you speak for the wolf, you also must speak against him’, but AA went any further, they’d be wearing blackshirts and wielding clubs.

Gentleman, raise the (eye)glasses to JW!