GOP Takeover In 2008? (updated)

In what should be a plum year for the Democrats, the Energy Crisis could shoot the GOP into prime position.

Obama and the Democrats (the leadership of whom seem to be has talked a lot about the power of a ‘movement’. His movement has no substance, however, based on a ‘carry moonbeams home in a jar’ fantasy world (maybe he could convince Disney to construct ‘Obamaland’ as a new theme park). The other ’60s movements basically turned ordinary people against the Democrats at the 1968 election.

The energy crisis seems to be turning into a ‘silent majority’ movement which the Democrat leadership can’t understand; probably because it is made of ideologues out of touch with the sufferings of their constituents. The Republicans (if they have the spine) can and should take advantage of this (which the House GOP is doing). This should be part of a general realignment to present the Democrats in both the general and the specific as out of touch with their constituents. The more condemning statement is that the current Congress promised to solve the energy crisis and now we are reduced to situation (not that I mind). With the removal of the Young-Traitorous Five type politicans, and their replacement by the Palins and Jindals over the course of the next six years, we could see the Democratic Party fall out of favor. However, we must be careful not to fall prey to the corrupting influences of ‘DC Land’.