The Unofficial 2008 Democratic Presidential Campaign Song

They are broadcasting this sound:Obama saves! Obama saves!Squelch his flip-flopping around:Obama saves! Obama saves!Bear the news throughout the land,Across papers and TV waves;The MSM now doth command;Obama saves! Obama saves!

The liberals now agree:Obama saves! Obama saves!Druids rub their hands in glee:Obama saves! Obama saves!Sing, Pelosi, Harry Reid;Oprah, Gore and Hillary?!;McCaskill joins in accolades:Obama saves! Obama saves!

Sing above the battle strife:Obama saves! Obama saves!of his perfect and sinless lifeObama saves! Obama saves!All those who vote for John McCain,are ‘bitter’ racists anyways;Call all people from their doomObama saves! Obama saves!

Gaia with a mighty voice:Obama saves! Obama saves!Let all of Europe now rejoice:Obama saves! Obama saves!Shouting ‘change’ and ‘hope’, they’re alllemmings who for brains doth crave;Let them echo the raucous call:Obama saves! Obama saves!