A New Low

The Democrats have planned an new “October Surprise” attack ad.

According to Senator Inhofe (R-OK), the ad will feature speech clips of Bush, Cheney, and McCain to create the impression that they support unrestricted torture for the Gitmo detainees. These clips will be followed by a clip of a soldier putting electrodes on a bare-chested man hanging on a wall. The prisoner will then jerk and twitch wildly (I do not know whether the prisoner clip is actual or filmed in a back lot).

Despite the fact that Republicans are planning a countermeasure by running positive footage of Gitmo and its detainees, this ad could possibly be another ‘Daisy Girl’ or ‘Willie Horton’ that tips the balance in the race.

This ad marks a new low for the current Democratic leadership and their affiliates; they have made a second ad (the ‘Alex’ ad was the first) that is more appropriate to the era of Benjamin Franklin Bache and his American Aurora.