Trump Needs Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona This Month, Or He Will Have to Get a 5-4 Ruling Next Month

AP Photo/John Bazemore

Georgia is now slipping away as we speak tonight.

Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan are lost causes (Biden’s shares on predictit.com of those states are at 99c, 95c, and 95c, respectively.)

Trump must win Pennsylvania (79c), Georgia (64c), and Arizona (81c). On the site where people put their money where their prediction is, the probability of all three of those happening is 1.4%. However, on predictit, Trump also is at 14c.

I am not selling what I have. I got burned selling my shares super cheap that I had that the House Democrats would retain control but lose seats because Fox News projection desk clearly stated that they were calling a minimum +5 for the Democrats in the House. Now THAT was wrong, too, and it cost me thousands.

I think this is all going to have to be consolidated into one national suit, as Rudy said would probably be necessary. They have sued PA/GA/AZ. There should be a statistical analysis of the sheer improbability/near-impossibility of what happened in Milwaukee happening.

Trump did it, folks. But that does not matter; the Democrats are installing the most liberal senator in the country as de facto dictator, anyway. Should we be surprised that a party that tried framing Trump for the crimes they committed (that got away completely and utterly scott free, by the way) would also outright steal 2020 in a way not seen since Chicago 1960?

Next stop that matters, the U.S. Supreme Court.